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A Boss Babe’s Guide to Your First Week of Financial Fitness 💪

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Ready to kick your finances' ass but have no idea where to start?! We gotchu girl 😉. We developed a guide to get you on track to living a more financially fit life in just one week!

So why do you need this guide? Well what worked for our parents isn’t going to work for us. Not only are we coming out of four years of school in more debt than ever, we care more about regular, big ticket travel, attending events (festies) and adventurous activities to #findourselves. We can’t employ the strategies of yesteryear and expect to be effectively #adulting. So why (male models) female millennials? Why do we need targeted strategies for our demo? The reality is as women we aren't exposed to financial literacy at a young age. We’re expected to accept wage, wealth and thigh gaps that are holding us back from reaching our full financial potential.

Here are some shady AF stats:

Understanding these kind of facts has fueled us to live our most prosperous lives by spending every extra dollar and hour researching the optimal strategies for our situation. Now, we want to share our learnings with you, so you can start growing your money, peace out of the mental and physical money suck and obtain an overall healthier and wealthier mindset. I mean, that’s just like, the rules of feminism! We truly believe that the cold, hard cash you could ever want to support all your passions already exists. So grab your guide to learn how to get that dough and achieve fire finances 🔥!​

*This post is for your entertainment and commiseration only, we are NOT your financial advisors and have not assessed your financial situation as your fiduciaries (duh), aka don't make any big money moves solely bc of us - we are all in different places in our financial journeys~*

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